Teacher Aide: Know Your Learner

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The better you know your tamariki in their capacity as learners, including their interests, weaknesses, and strengths, the easier it will be to help them to be successful in their learning.

This is a self-directed learning module with Zoom support. If you are registering through the Ministry of Education Teacher Aide fund, e-mail [email protected] with your name and ARN number so that we can provide you free access.

Workshop Focus:

  • How to gather information on your ākonga
  • Learner and learning focussed relationships
  • How to involve ākonga in teaching, learning and assessment practices 
  • Effective assessment is an ongoing process of noticing, recognising and responding to student learning
  • How to make learning visible to the student and those around them.
  • How and what to observe in a variety of contexts such as Inquiry learning, cross-curricular learning, play-based learning etc
  • What are, and how, to have learning conversations
  • How to adapt teaching and learning programmes for individual students, groups of students, and the class as a whole
  • How to pinpoint students’ strengths so that both teacher aid and students can build on them
  • Identify students’ learning needs in a clear and constructive way so they can be addressed
  • Understand that ākonga  learn different things, in different ways, at different rates 
  • Tracking and monitoring learner progress
  • Maintain class engagement and participation in learning through formative assessment
  • How to support teachers with assessment 
  • Understand how information from assessment is used to identify next steps for learning and to create a rich picture of each student’s progress over time. 
  • Teachers and teacher aides work together to gather and share information about their students.