Progress Monitoring and Reporting Tool

  • How do you know when your learners are curriculum ready?
  • What does progress look like for those learners who are not curriculum ready?
  • How do you monitor and analyse student progress?
  • How can you easily report on student progress to management and whanau?
  • How can you give detailed analysis without using the old National Standards terminology?
  • How can you make assessment in the early years easy, rich and useful?

If you have asked any of these questions, then our tool is for you.

It is important for teachers to know their learners in order to meet their specific needs. Teachers need to monitor and track progress without having to spend hours recording and making notes. They don’t want to have to rewrite the data for management, parents and to inform their own planning and teaching.

We are excited about our Ready 4 Learning Tool! It’s designed for teachers to record learner progress in the course of everyday teaching. Information from the teacher device (usually a phone or I-pad) is sent to a student management site that records detailed information about learner progress.

The tool:
shows progress of individuals, whole classes and teams
has up to date information – great for planning next learning steps
can provide and print reports for teachers, parents and management
records comments and pictures for individual students.

We have also created a trial school so that you can see how powerful this tool is in a real school setting.

If you are interested in finding out more about this tool then contact us now.