Assessment Booklet

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This assessment booklet has been designed to use in conjunction with our Ready 4 Learning framework..

The framework assessment provides you with a diagnostic tool which not only gives an indication of a child’s start-point at school entry, it enables you to collect data and track their learning progress. Furthermore, simple, easy to use templates have been created in order for you to track, date and chart learners progress, providing all-important reporting data for reporting purposes..

We know your time is precious and so we have devised three separate ways of gathering your assessment data. We have grouped testing into three domains, individual, group and whole class, this is to reduce the workload whilst still gathering rich data about your learners..

The individual assessment should take no more than 15 minutes. This 1-1 assessment provides data on seeing, speaking, and hearing skills. The group assessment is designed for you to work with 2-3 children in the concepts of print area. Whole class assessment covers seeing, speaking, hearing and moving. These assessment activities can be carried out over a short period of time and are designed to fit into the classroom programme> .