Teacher Aide: Our Mahi Tahi – Learning Through Play

$368.00 incl. GST

This module introduces TA’s to learning through play/play based learning and its benefits.  We will explore the role teachers and teacher aides have in supporting child-led learning, and how they ensure the effective use of intentional teaching in play. 

This is a self-directed learning module with Zoom support. If you are registering through the Ministry of Education Teacher Aide fund, e-mail [email protected] with your name and ARN number so that we can provide you free access.

Workshop Focus:

  • Why Play – what it fosters and develops – a look at the theory, urges, types of play and what they look like
  • What is my role in play?
  • Key Competencies – what are they, why are they important and how does play support these soft skills
  •  What are play invitations / provocations and how do they support students’ urges and interests as they play?
  • Notice, recognise and respond – how this relates to assessment and how it enriches teaching and learning
  • Supporting our children who don’t know “how” to play.  
  • The power of questioning, paraphrasing and scaffolding