Why is Learning Through Play important?

Play opportunities and environments that promote play, exploration and hands-on learning are at the core of effective school programmes. Latest neuroscience is encouraging us to consider developmentally appropriate practice and what this “looks” like in our classrooms.

Play takes many forms. Everyone knows ‘play’ when they see it – on our streets, in playgrounds, in classrooms. Every culture, economic background and community engage in play from their earliest years.

Researchers and theorists agree that the key characteristics of playful experiences involve joyful, meaningful and engaging interactions. Ultimately, play should involve some degree of agency, enabling children to take on an active role and ownership in their experiences, as well as recognizing and trusting children to be capable, autonomous agents of their own playful learning journeys.

How we can support schools.

We can support you to create a Learning Through Play (LTP) rationale and approach that fits with your school vision, values and principles. This is not a – one-size-fits-all approach, but rather helping you to explore the why, what and how of play in your school.

We will guide you with evidence and research around play.

  • Learning through play opportunities which align with our NZ curriculum, often integrating many learning areas.
  • Identifying and observing children’s schema/urges which will support your planning and resourcing of play and encourage learner agency.
  • Guiding you with resourcing your play-based spaces and tracking, monitoring and assessing the learning that you foster.


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