Foundation Skills Poster (digital)

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This framework supports and underpins the “foundation elements” needed for a learner to be curriculum ready, as  higher level cognitive tasks such as reading and writing are dependent upon the successful execution of fundamental skills and related tasks, many of which are motor tasks. If these skills are not automatic, the brain will concentrate on those rather than on the higher level thinking tasks.  In most cases,  a child has to learn these foundational skills in order to be able to start formal learning.

 These elements consist of speaking, concepts of print, hearing, seeing and moving (fine/gross motor skills). In this framework we gain an insight into what skills/elements the child needs to have in order for them to gain automaticity in their ability to read/write and carry out abstract thinking needed for maths.  Underpinning the framework are our all-important Key Competencies in child speak which can be tracked alongside their ready for learning skills.

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