Module 9: Moving

Module 8: Executive Function

Module 7: Seeing

Module 6: Listening/hearing

Teacher Aide: Know Your Learner

Teacher Aide: Our Mahi Tahi – Learning Through Play

Teacher Aide: Our Akonga – Inclusive Practice

Teacher Aide: Our Mahi – Professional Practice

Teacher Aide: Supporting Literacy Development

Module 4: Tracking and Monitoring

Module 5: Getting Whanau Involved

Module 3: Data Analysis

Using your R4L data to inform teaching and learning

Welcome to this online learning module. If you haven’t yet completed modules 1 and 2, we suggest you close out of this module and return to the first two. These two modules will give you a clear understanding about what the Foundation skills are and how to assess them.

This module will help you to unpack your learner’s data and to start thinking about how you might address these needs.  Whilst you might already have your own learners data, we suggest you use our example data first and then after the module is completed, go through the same process with your own learners.

There are many opportunities to pause the video to reflect and brainstorm. As always, we suggest you do make the time to do this as you will get so much more out of this session.

If you have any questions, we are only an email away. [email protected]

Module 2: Assessment

We have devised an assessment which becomes a formative tracking and monitoring tool, supporting and underpinning the “foundation elements” needed for a learner to be curriculum ready As higher level cognitive tasks such as reading, writing and Maths are dependent upon the successful execution of fundamental skills and related tasks.

Please note – if you have already purchased our ‘Assessment Tool’, you will have received a voucher code with your download. Use this code to receive $30 off the price of the course.

Module 1: Introduction

In this module we introduce you to the entire framework and delve deeper into each of the core elements:

  • Key Competencies,
  • Speaking
  • Hearing
  • Movement
  • Seeing
  • Print

We unpack the importance of each element and look at their contribution towards curriculum readiness.